FundProcess Discretionary Management – Shorten the sales cycle and improve your client service and transparency. The Client Onboarding is often identified as a bottleneck and can sometimes be a show stopper. The first challenge of FundProcess is to make the process seamless by digitizing all the steps. Client Onboarding, part of the discretionary management solution, provides you with a set of web-based tools to easily fill in client profiles, prepopulate documents, generate electronic signatures and send reports to your investors.

Key benefits

  1. Shortens the sales cycle: it decreases complexity and time spent on administration
  2. Client transparency: daily updated client dashboards are accessible online
  3. In-house integration: you can customize the client dashboard look & feel, integrate your questionnaires and digitize your forms
  4. Improve your internal efficiency

Key features

  • Client dashboard: provides digital dashboard to your clients with their financial situation
  • MiFID and AML profiling: modular questionnaires coupled with scoring module. Your company MiFID and KYC profiling questionnaires are digitized with their scoring table
  • Document filling and signature: simplifies the filling in of forms and signing of contracts and administrative documents.
    • form digitization is realized by FundProcess
    • signing process uses Luxtrust ORELY® services
  • Customer Relationship Management: manages profiling updates, reminders and document tracking, audit-trail
  • Portfolio monitoring: tracks profile adequacy, portfolio depreciations, etc.
  • Investor reporting: generates regular client management reports