FundProcess Finance Management – comprehensive and customizable finance management. Investment accounting can become onerous and “scientific”, with the rising complexity and demands of retrocession and performance fee-based models. This, coupled with a growing business, puts companies at increased operational risk.
The solution offers a complete set of features for fee calculation and business plans. FundProcess has also developed a proprietary “fee expression language” allowing you to model your fees yourself.

Key benefits

  1. Flexible: it offers a proprietary “Fee Expression Language” to model fees. You no longer need an IT resource to code specific algorithms each time
  2. Transparency: it provides detailed outputs
  3. Easily interfaced: it’s integrated with your accounting system, invoice and slip generation

Key features

  • Fee calculation: calculates management, retrocession, performance fees, etc.
  • Fee register: all fees linked to your portfolios can be found in a single place
  • Fee expression language: you can express your portfolio fees in a way easy to understand and to maintain
  • Business plan: you can simulate various scenarios based on market, sales, cost assumptions and based on current revenues and cost structure. Thanks to the full integration with the PMS and the fee register, your management receives daily updates of these financial projections