FundProcess Investment Management – Build and automate your investment strategies. We provide a homogeneous framework that offers all the capabilities an investment manager needs to perform efficient quantitative and qualitative asset management.

Key benefits

  1. Automated periodic rebalancing: it automatically rebalances portfolios at pre-determined periods
  2. Flexibility: you can integrate your own specific algorithm-based optimization computer or quantitative models (Excel, Matlab, R, etc.)
  3. Scope: It enables the treatment of large batches of financial data

Key features

  • Universe screening: implements standard or client in-house criteria in a multi-factor scoring method. The tool is interfaced with your in-house database or data providers
  • Optimization computer: risk minimization or performance maximization based on standard or client in-house quantitative models
  • Model backtesting: runs the optimization computer on past data coupled with an NAV calculation agent to approve the investment strategy