FundProcess PMS – the backbone of your middle- to back-office operations. FundProcess is a fully-integrated solution, providing a complete set of functionalities built around an efficient Portfolio Management System (PMS). The PMS is designed to enable a focus on reporting, while automating the middle- to back-office operations.

Key benefits

  1. Cost-effective: short implementation project and quick connection with third-party applications. Also, FundProcess manages interfacing directly with FundAdmin’s and custodians
  2. Modular platform: parametrizable components to build tailored solutions, dedicated tools, templates, models and metrics
  3. Flexible hosting: execution and maintenance is realized by FundProcess either on premise or in SaaS mode

Key features

  • Position-keeping: portfolio positions, net asset values (NAV), security, data management capabilities
  • Dashboard: performance versus risk, contributions to performance, analytics, allocation
  • Security classification management: specific features to efficiently manage security classification (custom or pre-defined)
  • Batch processing: configures automation jobs for all types of task
  • Web API: eg. Excel interfacing

Managed services

  • Just focus on your dashboards and reporting. We manage the data management, batch processing and maintenance
  • Proprietary modular platform with highly parametrizable components to shorten the implementation and custom developments