Our aim is to support our client’s digital evolution by introducing innovation, automation and security to their investment and operational processes. This enables our clients to stay abreast of a finance industry that is evolving towards robotization and digitally transforming their traditional business models to overcome growing pressure on costs, increasing regulation and heightened competition from passive asset management. FundProcess draws on its extensive experience in designing financial software and operational management in management companies.

We offer innovative, cutting-edge solutions in client onboarding, MiFID profiling and reporting, investment management, order management, risk management, finance and marketing. If you use Excel for recurring tasks, we can help you too. Our core business is tailored to automate any processes that involve entities such as “investors”, “portfolios” and “securities”.
Our clients are fund and wealth managers, private bankers, banks, family officers, insurance and bank brokers, insurance companies and other companies operating in financial services.

FundProcess has developed a proprietary, modular platform that pulls together tools, templates, models and metrics designed to speed up implementation and custom developments.
We can manage the solution end-to-end on an ongoing basis, looking after your data management, batch processing and maintenance. This allows you to focus on client reporting and extracting valuable insights from your dashboards. Our aim is to save you time at all levels and decrease your maintenance costs and IT footprint.

Our services are executed in the cloud or in your environment. They are secure, robust and reliable, complying with stringent data privacy policies and regulatory obligations. Our tools are implemented either on a Software as a Service (SaaS) basis or on site with remote maintenance.

To ensure that your digital transformation is seamless and positive, we will work with you to ensure that we have the following:

  1. Exhaustive and clear details of what you require
  2. Accurate functional and technical specifications
  3. Reliable data
  4. A solid IT Infrastructure